1. Oxidation and Protection of Graphite for Nuclear Reactor Sponsored by, Board of Nuclear Research.
  2. Steelmaking process performance improvement and knowledge management , Sponsored by, Vardhman Special Steels Limited, Ludhiana)
  3. A study on the scope of in situ conversion of scrap into steel sheet/strip via the induction melting-ingot casting and hot rolling route, Sponsored by, IFB Industries, Bangalore.
  4. The origin of surface cracks in large round ingots and means for its elimination, Sponsored by, Mahindra Sanyo Special Steel, Khopoli ( Maharashtra).
  5. The production of High and Medium Carbon Ferro-manganese as well as Silico-Manganese in sub-merged electric arc furnace at CFP, SAIL, Chandrapur and an Assessment of Process Performance Improvement.
  6. Reduction of ladle balance and improvement of yield from the 140 ton steel at RINL’s Vizag steel works, Sponsored by, Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant, Vishakhapatnam)
  7. A study on Technical Manpower in Steel Industry, Requirement and Availability: 2007-2020; Ministry of Steel , Government of India.
  8. Utilization of Excess CO2 in Electric arc furnace.
  9. Suggest the sequence of ladle addition before tapping
  10. Analysis on the Refractory Erosion of the Electric Arc Furnace and Study on the Measures of Protecting the Furnace Lining
  11. SCR420HB High Quality automotive gear steel
  12. Thermo chemical model for an Electric arc furnace
  13. Use of Nano materials in Steel Technology
  14. Ca Addition in de-sulfurized steel then trimming of Final Sulfur content.
  15. Sulfur Pick up study Low and medium carbon heats.
  16. Study of Stopper opening Problem at Caster
  17. Thermo chemical model for an Electric arc furnace