About me

I am a passionate and goal oriented professional. I am always focused on my goals and hence plan well in advance to achieve the set targets on time.I believe in SMART WORK.It comes with Skills,Skill comes with Knowledge and Knowledge give you Power to gloss your Smartness.Committed to gain a challenging opportunity that will enable the use of my extensive background and career experience. Motivated person with a positive outlook, believed my overall knowledge, integrity, ability and skills will continue to motivate a team or an individual to success. I have a learning experience of performing several engineering internships/work projects at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur which required genuine engineering coursework & practical knowledge to manufacture the desired outcome for the projects.

I don’t know whether I will be a professional in Academics or Industry, but I do believe that I can do much better work than I have done till date because I have the urge to prove myself.Good communication skills that help me in reaching out and hence to motivate other team members for quality work.Overall a great team player who believes in smart and work well planned with time .

Specialties:Yet to prove.

“Motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat”


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