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Dooriya h ye darmiya,jo kar ri h mujhe tere karib,

mgr me ja ri dur tumse,lgta h yahi h mera nasib!

Alfaz dhund ri krne ko baya,jo dil me chupi ye mere darmiya,

jo pal pal kr ri dur mujhe tumse,mgar utna hi me a ri tere karib tere karib!!!


Sky’s view from my bed!

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Its 2 AM m still awake,
Even not ready yet from world to take a break,
Wanna write something, But getting nothing! Searching for d topic,
Now m becoming little endoscopic, Grazing at sky,
N can’t take away my eye! Yaa I got d topic its view from my bed,
Looking at stars spread, Searching moon,
Listening to Lilin Park’s in the end tune!
My neighbor’s wall is hiding half part of it,
But still its managing to look at me,
Instead of black d sky is red,
Or its just a mere illusion of my head,
Cool breeze is another reason why m loving its view from my bed!
Feeling like m d only person living,
As rest r sleeping, Grazing is continuing,
N still don’t know when it will end,
But yet wanna say its view is just perfect from my bed!

A feeling leading down!!!

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Don’t know but still m getting this feeling…

A feeling just roaring in my mind….

Sinking my heart….Thinking about life…..

Where it will lead to….M on right track or not….

Don’t know….Time is just passing….

M I or m at still d same place….

Don’t know….It will help or not….

Don’t know….M missing out people back….

Don’t know…..Sometimes there is no reason behind some feelings!!!

N m going through d same feelings!!!

I had just pen down what m feeling can’t express more than this!!!


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Watching you from across the room,

Sends searing pain through my heart.

I think back to a year ago,

When I thought we’d never part.

My love for you just won’t die down

It just grows with each new day.

I wish you’d dare to look at me

And hear what I have to say;

“I love you and I want you back –

But these words you just won’t hear.”

You don’t seem to remember them,

All the memories I hold dear.

You were my first kiss, my first love

And now you don’t even care.

How could you just blow it away?

We were the perfect pair.

You seem content to let me go,

You’re doing fine as you are,

While I’m still missing how we were,

We had the best love by far.

The word makes me blush,

When I think about crush,

The person brings a shine on face,

It’s a lovely phase, Feeling that’s takes u to 7th sky,

And u feels like fly!!!When u see his eyes at u,

At that time u get little worried but u wanna go high n high,

His every action u relate it to u,

But in reality it was not for u,

His unexpected presence lifts u,

At that time u feel he is just made for u!!!

When d reality comes in front of us,

Then v realize d real meaning of crush,

And when d person ignore us den v realize,

He is meant not for us n our heart gets fractionize,

At that time our feelings gets flushed,

It’s a thing just meant to be crushed!!!

Why dint I tell my feelings to him,

This regret will always remain with us,

After few days v forget dose feelings,

And behave as if he doesn’t deserve us!!!My second composition!